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The Flavors of Nature

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About Us

Homemade Jams and Preserves


© 2021 by AcqueChiare Handmade Jams  Modena

"AcqueChiare" is born from the desire for change and transformation; a need to return to the origins, to the simple and genuine things of our Earth.


about us...

We are Monica and Emilio and we are siblings; our professional journey together began in 2006 with the opening of our Bar/Restaurant: Hippo's café; attention to detail and constant pursuit of quality have always been our primary goal.In 2010, a big step and renovation: we relocated our premises to larger spaces, giving greater importance and attention to our cuisine; the care and search for always fresh ingredients have characterized our catering business, always aiming for complete customer satisfaction.


the change

Another milestone awaited us in 2020, a somewhat special year for everyone that made us reflect. It's during this period that also granted us long walks in nature, that thoughts and memories returned to the origins... to that small part of Reggio known by the name Acque Chiare where spirit and nature blend together; a place where we grew up, but even before us, our parents grew up and where they met for the first time.

Thus, many recipes re-emerged in my mind, those that first grandma, then mom, with their peasant tradition passed down to us.



With the birth of "AcqueChiare" we have rediscovered the colors, the scents, the flavors of our nature and we are making them ours, and consequently we want to tell you about them through our work.

The idea is to capture them all together in these jars, in a completely natural way, without the addition of colorants and preservatives, and to spread it for everyone's pleasure.

We work exclusively with fresh seasonal fruit strictly selected locally or by bringing it from the excellences of our Italian territory. Our mission is to offer your palate 100% natural handcrafted Jams and Marmalades.

Our Strengths


100% Handcrafted

100% Natural

100% Italian

Artisanally processed products, slow-cooked in wide pots for quicker evaporation. We concentrate the fruit naturally using on average 120 grams of fruit to obtain 100 grams of finished product.

Products made using the best raw materials strictly Italian and with "0" kilometer. Our fruit comes from the hills of Modena in the Vignola area. The citrus fruits come from selected farms in the Palagonia area in the plain of Catania.

All our products are natural, with no added colorants, preservatives, or thickeners. On average, we use 80% fruit and only 20% added sugars.