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The Flavors of Nature



2022-07-18 19:38


<div>JAM STORIES</div>

There are different stories that have been created around the origin of jam, the one with oranges, for example, has an original story, there are those who<




There are different stories that have been created around the origin of jam, for example, that of oranges has an original story. Some trace it back to Catherine of Aragon, wife of the King of England Henry VIII, thanks to whom he managed to cure his longing for the fruits of his land, consoling himself with this sweet creation.

Another legend instead sees Maria de Medici as the protagonist, who, due to a deficiency of vitamins, sent some men from the court to Italy to recover the most precious citrus fruits of the time. To best preserve the fruit, special crates were prepared for the jam, which showed the inscription "For Maria Sick." The name would be the result of a reading error: the court cooks tasted the product and started calling it "Marmalade," a distorted interpretation of "for Maria sick" written on the container.




The origin of jam is much older according to the Roman cookbook attributed to Apicius. The Greeks already used to boil quinces with honey to make a preserve. In ancient Rome, the fruit was instead immersed in a mixture of passito wine, cooked wine, or honey.

Only in the Middle Ages is it possible to find a jam produced using a method similar to our current one. Jams were born from the need to preserve fruit collected in season so that it could be enjoyed during times when it is hard to find: in times when refrigeration systems were virtually absent and cooking and the presence of sugar ensured long conservation. With the advent of sugar in the 1700s, it then spread worldwide.


How to enjoy jam:

Since ancient Greece, it has been widely appreciated by all kinds of palates, because its delicious and intense flavor goes well with many types of foods.
There are many foods that, when combined with jam, create dishes with excellent flavor: the delicacy of bitter orange jam and fresh spreadable cheese, an excellent combination for desserts.


Jam is considered an essential product for a hearty breakfast or a pre-physical activity snack, but it is generally advisable to consume it in the right amount. They are a food with high energy value given by sugars, vitamins... and are also easier to digest compared to fruit, as they correct stomach acidity. Unfortunately, jam production is a tradition that tends to be lost over time.


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